Our goal is simple. Conceive, design, engineer and build a functional prototype of a pollution free vehicle that not only provides economical, pollution free transportation, but also helps clean the pollution from the atmosphere, pollution which has accumulated over years of environmental abuse. After this technology has been developed and tested.  We will send the plans to every auto manufacturer in the world...for FREE!

That's right...we intend to develop this technology and give it all away for free to any auto maker who wants to develop a car based on this technology. Therefore, we are approaching you, the public for help. Any investor invests with the expectation of a financial return on their investment. Our plan is to give this technology away for free, this does not provide a pathway for a financial return. Consequently, no investor is willing to get behind this plan. We are approaching the general public to ask for your help. Asking you to provide us with a small contribution to help us meet our goal. You, the public realizes the potential of a financial return is nothing, when compared to the more profitable return of a cleaner environment that we could hand down to our future generations. So, please, help us with a small contribution.

With any contribution, you will receive regular updates as this technology is developed. With a total contribution of $100.00 or more, you could schedule a time to see and tour our facilities’ in person, you will also receive an invitation to join us at a spectacular event we will host when this technology is unveiled to the public.


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